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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Scandinavian Saturday and Some more

This week saw a crop of Eurovision song selection shows exclusively from the fan-favorite northernmost parts of Europe.

Denmark had their national final. My favorite was "I'm Not Alone," which didn't even make it to the superfinal. This the kind of typical obvious schlagery pop I love but probably shouldn't.

Only one song out of six got eliminated this week in Finland, and it was "Paperilyhty" by Atlético Kumpula. This was my least favorite song out of that group so I am happy to see it go. It's calm and inoffensive, and that's it. Share this with the hipster in your life.

Iceland had two semifinals. My favorite of the non-qualifiers is "Augnablik" which sounded a bit mystical and magical.

Norway had their second semifinal this week. I wasn't taken by any of the seven songs. If I had to pick a favorite from the four eliminated songs, it would be "No One" by Hank. It's an almost haunting acoustic guitar ballad.

Next week, finals in Iceland and Malta! Semifinals in Finland, Hungary, Norway, and finally Sweden! I can't wait to hear the song from Yohio! And I'm especially excited to find out what song wins in Malta, as they have a strong group of songs to pick from.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Restart in Scandinavia

This week, two live Eurovision selection shows. As usual the Scandinavian countries' selections dominate late January.

Finland had their first elimination show. Two songs made it to the final, three made it to the semifinal, and one was eliminated entirely, "Sytytä mut vaan." It's listenable but I feel I've heard it before somehow...

On Saturday, Norway had their first semifinal. Of the four songs that didn't advance, I like "Det er du" the best. I'm not usually a fan whistling in songs, but this one really works.

Next week sees quite a few selection shows: an elimination show in Finland, semifinals in Norway and Iceland, and a final in Denmark. I am very excited for the Danish final, because just from hearing the 30 second clips there's a few songs I like.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Return of the Eurosunday!

It's past time for another season of Eurovision discussion! Blame ongoing computer issues.

This year I decided to do my selection season coverage a little differently. Typically I've discussed Eurovision entries as they were revealed, but that material is revisited when I do my ranking once the entries are final (which of course I will be doing this year).
Instead, I will highlight one song from each national selection show that failed to make it. When applicable, I'll still give my comments on what I'd like to see from the week's upcoming finals.

There haven't been any finals in the first two weeks of January, but there were a few in December, so here's a late run-down of some of the first 2013 also-rans.

The first national final was in Belarus a really long time ago. My favorite might be "Letter to Mother" by Yankey. What can I say, I like the overdramatic.

Presented without commentary, from Switzerland, "Do the Monkey" by Anthony Bighead.

Lithuania failed to send Gerai Gerai and Miss Sheep with "War in the Wardrobe" to Eurovision. It's a cute electro pop song that might have otherwise felt in place in another of the Baltic national finals.

Albania's national final had a song from their 2009 representative Kejsi Tola. Though I don't like it as much as her song from four years ago, she performs this rock ballad well.

The most notable song from Ukraine was "Medlyak" by DiO Filmy. Their aesthetic is kind of grown-up Jedward.

Next week sees the first elimination round in Finland and the first semifinal in Norway. This week will also see the semifinal allocation draw, giving fans an opportunity to start the discussion on who is bribing their way to a good draw and who is without a hope before the start.