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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't Cover Your Ears

It’s time once again for my annual ranking of this year’s Eurovision songs. This year is a stronger one because it was definitely hard to place the songs at the bottom. There was nothing that I hate so strongly that I had to put it in last place, so instead I put the songs that just bored me at the bottom.

42. Belgium
Iris - “Would You”
Reaction: A bland ballad in a field of them, and this is the blandest of them all. I can’t remember how it goes even seconds later. The melody is awkward (especially the “Any other guy would do” part). It’s like an idol singer’s winner’s single that would immediately flop. It feels weird giving the last place spot to Belgium two years in a row (and in the bottom two three years in a row), especially in a year with a large number of novelty/joke entries, but those at least have some merit and are not entirely unpleasant to listen to.
Best Part: I can’t even think of one.
Rating: 1/5

41. Slovakia
Max Jason Mai - “Don’t Close Your Eyes”
Reaction: Definitely the hardest rock song, but it’s also unmemorable. The verses have potential but it falls apart at the choruses. Maybe it’s just not for me. Its boring the whole way through.
Best Part: Bridge
Rating: 1/5

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Songs from (mostly) everybody

This weekend was the last super Saturday/weekend before all the Eurovision entries are due to the EBU. Since it’s close to ranking time I’ll keep it short.

There was a lot of variety chosen and presented this week. There were some expected ballads, “Nije ljubav stvar” from Serbia and “Vida minha” from Portugal. There was some average Eurovision-style pop in “Lautar” from Moldova. There was some more dance-pop from Romania (“Zaleilah”) and Sweden (“Euphoria”).

The two more unexpected songs were “Don’t close your eyes” from Slovakia, a harder rock song than the other ones in competition this year, and “Party for Everybody” from Russia, a folk/dance song with internet meme potential.

The remaining countries left to hear from are: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, San Marino, and the United Kingdom. Hopefully we will actually hear their songs by next Sunday.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

You Need Some Rock and Roll

A few countries presented or chose their Eurovision entries earlier in the week. Bulgaria chose “Love unlimited” which was my favorite of the final. FYR Macedonia presented “Crno I Belo,” an interesting rock song that is better than their previous few songs. Israel presented “Time”, an interesting ethnic-flavored rock song.

On Saturday, three countries chose ballads. Estonia chose “Kuula”, probably the best of the three, followed by Spain’s “Quedate conmigo” and Lithuania’s “Love is blind.”
Sweden had their second chance round and put through “Baby Doll” which I like and “Jag reser mig igen” which I don’t.

Next week: six national finals (Greece, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and Sweden) and a few other presentations of entries.