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Monday, March 31, 2008

Euromonday: Vi odio

Due to unfortunate circumstances (losing the paper that I wrote the rankings on) this week's Eurovision rankings are posted a day late. This week we have quite a few genres - rock, pop, and reggaeton - and all are fairly boring (or in Spain's case, tasteless).

40. Spain
Rodolfo Chikilecuatre - "Baila El ChikiChiki"
Reaction: I secretly kind of like this song. I know it's a parody of pop music and Eurovision from a Spanish TV channel and it's very poorly produced, with completely tasteless lyrics, but at "Perrea! Perrea!" I laugh a little. However, even though the song is short, it gets old quick.
Best Part: Chorus "Y el chikichiki se baila asi: Uno, el breakindance. Dos, el crusaito. Tres, el miquelyason. Cuatro, el robocop."
Ranking: 1/5

39. San Marino
Miodio - "Complice"
Reaction: This is a dull rock song that has potential - the melody and instrumentation wouldn't be so bad if they were louder and done with more passion. The song sounds like everyone involved with it is too bored and too apathetic to get really angry or mopey.
Best Part: Intro
Ranking: 2/5

Mor ve Otsi - "Deli"
Reaction: I guess it's not a bad rock song, but it's not my thing. It isn't very catchy to my ears, and I find it to be uninteresting alternative rock.
Best Part: Chorus
Ranking: 2/5

37. Hungary
Csezy - "Candlelight"
Reaction: This song is pretty, but it puts me to sleep and doesn't incite any emotional response from me. It also feels dated.
Best Part: Verses
Ranking: 2/5

36. Denmark
Simon Mathews - "All Night Long"
Reaction: For a song about celebrating all night long, this sure is mellow. It's old-fashioned and the lyrics are beyond repetitive.
Best Part: Bridge
Ranking: 2/5

Next week I'll rank songs 31-35, hopefully on time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eurosunday: A Century of Snoozing

This Sunday marks the start of the third year of Eurosunday rankings, in which I rank the songs in this year’s Eurovision according to my preference, five at a time, as I’ve done the past two years. However, this year I’ll try to break the tedium by adding more in-depth analysis of each song during the week, as well as to make up for the fact that I didn’t post much about the preselections this year.

Today I’m listing my three least favorite songs. The past two years, songs that deeply annoyed and/or offended me took the coveted bottom spot. This year, more songs are dull and unmemorable rather than offensively bad, and you’ll see that some of the gimmick songs place higher than I should put them just because they’re mildy amusing and not sleep-inducing. Therefore, this year’s bottom 3 are, to my ears, unmemorable and boring.

43. Estonia
Kreisiradio – “Leto Svet”
Reaction: This song has so much going against it. It’s a gimmick song, and a dull one at that. I find the other gimmick songs in this year’s contest, while in poor taste, at least a little more amusing than this one. The melody is boring, and the lyrics don’t succeed in being funny. Also, it tries to pander for votes by singing in three different languages.
Best part: Instrumental break in the middle
Rating: 1/5

42. Montenegro
Stefan Filipovic – “Zauvijek volim te”
Reaction: This is more of the same as last year – old-man rock sung by a seemingly young man, without an interesting melody.
Best part: Intro, which sounds a little like “Get a life, get alive” which was slightly better
Rating: 1/5

41. Moldova
Geta Burlacu – “A Century of Love”
Reaction: This is reminiscent of last year’s song from Lithuania. Both would not be out of place as background music in a coffee shop, and both are soft and quiet and make you want to fall asleep.
Best part: Chorus
Rating: 1/5

In the coming day's I'll try to have more in-depth analysis (nothing serious), and next Sunday I'll list songs 36-40.