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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mp3 Merry J-Pop Christmas!

Sorry for being a day late - I wanted to get the songs up early so my European readers would be able to download the songs before Christmas Eve, but I've been busy.

The final song in the BoA Christmas series is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, which she sings in English, Japanese, and Korean.
Also, I have two other Christmas songs performed by J-pop singers. First, "I LOVE XMAS" by blog favorite Tommy heavenly6, and second, "Silent Night" as performed by Ayumi Hamasaki and Gackt. Enjoy, and happy holidays to all my readers!

BoA - Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Tommy heavenly6 - I LOVE XMAS
Ayumi Hamasaki & Gackt - Silent Night

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mp3 Monday: BoA Christmas Part 3

Again, it's Monday and I have more Christmas songs by BoA. Today's songs are "The Christmas Song" and "Last Christmas", originally made popular by Nat King Cole and Wham!, respectively.
Download - BoA - "The Christmas Song"
Download - BoA - "Last Christmas"

Next week's Mp3 Monday will actually be posted this week, on Friday evening, because I doubt anyone will be checking blogs on Christmas Eve and Christmas (and if you are, you probably aren't celebrating Christmas, and thus wouldn't be interested in the Christmas songs I'll be posting).

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mp3 Monday: BoA Christmas Part 2

Today's Mp3 Monday has BoA's original Christmas song, "Meri Kuri". The song is beautiful and the video puts you in a Christmas mood. Also up for download is the B-side to the single, "Mega Step", which isn't a Christmas song but is still good.

Download - BoA - "Meri Kuri"
Download - BoA - "Mega Step"
Watch - BoA - "Meri Kuri"

The next two weeks I'll have covers by BoA of actual Christmas songs.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mr. Nobody Strikes Back

Remember An┼żej? He was the Slovenian entry to Eurovision this year and he was adorable and could sing very well. Even though he had a disappointing result in Athens, this video from this past Sunday shows that he still sings well and is still adorable, even though he's changed his look, although I'm not sure for the better. After months of impatient waiting on my part, he finally has a new song called "Romeo in Julija" which translates to Romeo and Julija and not what it looks like in English.

Mp3 Monday: BoA Christmas Part 1

Since it's December, I feel that I should post some holiday music, since that's what everyone else does (my roommate has already started playing Christmas music before going out - although I don't know how "Merry Christmas Happy Holidays" gets you in the mood to go to a bar). However, I'm not very into Christmas music, and thus have very little on my computer.

One artist whose Christmas songs I do like is BoA, who has had only two Christmas singles, but has included some nice b-side covers of popular Christmas songs. So, this month's Mp3 Mondays will be exclusively BoA songs.

This week's first song is "Winter Love" and is BoA's newest single. The song is very pretty and so is the video, which takes place inside a house made of ice. The the second song this week is the b-side to the single, "Candle Lights". The songs aren't holiday-themed but are still very winter-themed. Enjoy!

Download - BoA - "Winter Love"
Download - BoA - "Candle Lights"
Watch - BoA - "Winter Love"