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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The first 27 Melodifestivalen song titles have been announced and I don't usually do a post like this until the songs themselves have been revealed but Sweden has clearly produced the best song title of the season already.
That song title is "Manboy", and since it's a Fredrik Kempe production it will probably be some epic schlager that, if chosen, would probably get under 50 points in the final.

The "webbjoker" competition has also opened to voting, so hopefully a good entry will come from that.

Speaking of internet selection of songs, Finland's web-voting ends soon, and I really hope that "Ei minua" makes it to the national final. It's the best of the lot by miles, and is also very Finnish.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Summary of my Summer + Fall

I haven't posted since May because mostly nothing went on except work. In September I saw the Pet Shop Boys, which was amazing.
This is really just a post for me to say that tonight I am GOING TO SEE KYLIE MINOGUE!!!!