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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Way She Did

Another slow week in Eurovision land.

Lithuania had another semifinal, and no songs were eliminated - same story as last week.

Finland eliminated two songs from their semifinal, including the long-titled "Kertakäyttösydän." It's a fun ethnic-influenced pop song that might have done better with a little more lively visual performance.

Hungary had their first ten-song heat, from which four songs were elimintaed. Hien's "The Way I Do" is a pretty average pop song with a little funk influence, but Hien has some great lopstick colors in the official video.

Next week is when it starts getting exciting. Finals in Finland and Switzerland! Semifinals in Hungary, Iceland Latvia, and Sweden! And Lithuania will have yet another show, perhaps they will eliminate some songs this time?

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Things have been really slow at this point in the season for Eurovision. There were only two selection shows this week. Lithuania finally debuted half of their 16 songs, but while they eliminated singers from their competition, they still haven't eliminated any songs.

Finland was the only country to have a song elimination show this week, and like last week, they only eliminated one song. This week's eliminated song was "Painovoima" by MAKEA. Painovoima translates to gravity, but it's far from Ukraine's third-place song from last year. It's a neat rap/rock ballad. There's some metal needly guitars, which would have been great from Finland.

Next week is slightly more active, with more elimination shows in Finland and Lithuania, and plus the first elimination show from Hungary.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Here and There

Belarus held their national final. The winner was “Cheesecake” by TEO. The second runner-up was “You will be here” by Zhanet, a lovely ballad that isn't particularly unique, but it's the kind of thing that would have looked and sounded wonderfully on the Eurovision stage.

Finland aired their third preselection show this weekend, but it was only the first show from which songs were eliminated. And only one song was eliminated: “Let me take you there” by Lili Lambert. It's a cute little electro pop song.

Next week brings elimination shows in Finland and Lithuania.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Eurosunday 2014 is Open

It's the first Sunday of 2014 – time to start the Eurovision on-season discussion on this blog.
Not much usually occurs before the new year. This year there have been two national finals. Like last year's preselection season, I'll be highlighting one song that missed out on the win, or qualification if that week held a preliminary selection round.

Ukraine picked “Tick-Tock” by Maria Yaremchuk. In fifth place was “Courageous” by NeAngely, one of the first songs I heard of this season and one of my favorites of the whole thing, I predict. It's a schlager co-written by Alexander Bard – enough said. The unique deep voices of NeAngely are the icing on the cake.

Albania picked “Zemermi I nje nate” by Herciana Matmuja. One of the other competitors was Luiz Ejlli, who went to Eurovision in 2006 with the underrated (by me too) "Zjarr e ftohtë"
His song for this year “Kthehu” is a strong ballad that kind of gives off the feel of “Kuula” of Estonia 2012. Also, despite the similarity in title, it is not about Cthulhu.

Also notable is “Me ty” by Klodian Kacani, which sounds really close to “Let It Go” from the new Disney film, Frozen. Millions of little girls missed their chance to hear “Me ty” on repeat and sing it over and over.