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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Halftime Return

I'm finally back after a long, long delay. So long was my blogging hiatus that I forgot to blog last year's Eurovision final. It's hard to keep up blogging on vacation if you're not a professional. Spending the day of the final in the host city but without going to the show was an interesting and unforgettable experience. The highlights of that day were going to an exhibit on nul-pointers at the Leopold Museum and running into PKN, and watching the final at a hotel screening and seeing all the Austrians react when the host entry joined the club.

Right now it's halftime at the Super Bowl and everyone's excited to see Beyonce and also Bruno Mars and Coldplay. The Eurovision world also had some pretty exciting interval acts this weekend too!

Actress Stina Ekblad performing a dramatic reading of Samir & Viktor's "Groupie" from last year's Melodifestivalen shows that dramatic readings of pop songs by serious actors is always funny, even with a language barrier.

Today's highlight was the Riga Beaver, the commercial break warm-up act in Latvia's Supernova, who performed several songs, the best of which was some interpretive dance with a red scarf to "Love Injected." Riga Beaver is a personification of the beavers that are destroying Riga's canals. We can only hope that with time he will become an internet meme on the level of pizza rat.

Edited to add video