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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Song Ranking Part 3

30. Germany
Michael Schulte - "You Let Me Walk Alone"
There are a number of songs about someone else's pain (France, Italy), and more about someone's own pain (Germany, Hungary) and some in the middle (Portugal) and I don't know what it says about me that I prefer the former. It's a matter of genre probably.  This is a personal piano ballad that wouldn't sound out of place on the charts in the past 10 years. It might be one of the most personal and authentic songs that Germany has ever sent, which deserves applause.

29. Russia
Julia Samoylova - "I Won't Break" 
"Flame is Burning" has held up surprisingly well, but this isn't bad either. It's a soothing pop ballad with a positive message and a catchy two-part chorus. Side note: Julia's makeup looks really good in the video. The downside is the vocals are a little too overproduced and layered in a way that might not sound good live.

28. Belarus
Alexeev - "Forever"
Before the revamp, this was a cool slavic pop anthem with that cold synth production that's typically found in Russian and adjacent pop. I can't get enough of that stuff. After the revamp, the air was sucked out. The first half is a piano ballad that sounds like a "darker and edgier" cover. The synth production comes back halfway through, but it's too late. The choral backing of the final two choruses adds a mysterious touch, like it's accompanying a final boss battle. 

27. Greece
Yianna Terzi - "Oneirou Mou" 
Speaking of choral backing, it works beautifully in this song's choruses. A heartfelt love song to the singer's homeland, it creates a passionate and reverent atmosphere. The appropriate ethnic instrumentation and use of the Greek language create a complete product that Greek fans can be proud of. 

26. Montenegro
Vanja Radovanovic - "Inje"
Thank Zeljko Joksimovic every day for this revamp. His touch on the instrumentation elevated this to another classic Balkan ballad for eurovision. It holds such emotion and pain and drama. Every Eurovision needs at least one Balkan ballad and this fills that need.


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