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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Preselection Blog Week 10

The long journey is almost over. It's the final week of Eurovision preselections. There are two songs yet to be revealed within the next few days. Next Sunday this blog will shift over to the annual ranking with a super-sized bottom 8 post, but for now here's some gems from the last national finals.

Sweden's Melodifestivalen came to a close with a remarkable runner up. "Every Single Day" by Felix Sandman has such vivid pain. The singer is really not taking his breakup well, and even the "undo the pain" lyric works much better than Sweden's 2014 song (let's be honest, the lyricist is not the best). The melody is a fresh and contemporary ballad, with a little of a K-pop feel too, where each emotion is delicately felt. The line from the second verse about the cup is so intense and creative, the kind of inventive imagery that really only appeared in "If I was Sorry." The song contrasts with his previous Melodifestivalen song in an interesting way. "Gotta Thing About You" was awful musically, lyrically, and visually, so Felix seemingly did need a "breakup" (of the FOOO Conspiracy/FO&O) to blossom.

"Party Voice" by Jessica Andersson also must be highlighted. The lyrics are a little nonsensical but it is a future classic schlager that still feels fresh.

In Norway's Melodi Grand Prix, Ida Maria asked and answered a question with "Scandilove" that nobody was wondering about but everyone can enjoy. The live performance was a (beautiful, probably intentional) mess, but the song itself is an upbeat good time with a good laugh that is needed.

Lithuania finally picked a song too in the last of N selection shows. From the six-song final, Jurgis Brūzga's "4 Love" is a funky slow jam with some cool synths.


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