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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Preselection Blog Week 4

Destination Eurovision in France was something really special. It just goes to show what happens when you actually try, and take advantage of your musical talent. Other large music markets take note. Of course, it wouldn't be a great national final without a surprising result. Emmy Liyana was robbed by the public vote, with an amazing song “OK ou KO” and performance. And I liked Louka's “Mamma Mia” but since it came it last I might have been the only one. Side note: that was with them playing “Chained to the Rhythm” when the winner was announced? It's not like “Eva” didn't have a message. And Lisandro Cuxi would have been a phenomenal performer. The fact that the pool of songs and performers was so deep is commendable, and it will be hard for some other countries that usually have strong fields to compete. Like Jon Ola Sand basically said, please do this every year from now on.

Hungary's second semifinal wasn't as thrilling (but it's a semifinal, so that's okay). “Runaround” by Peet Project has a nice sax bit. Nene had a really mismatched look in their promo picture on the A Dal website where the women put such effort in their appearance and the men look like they just rolled out of bed – what double standards ( At least on the night they all dressed up to perform “Mese a királyról” and had kind of a “Loin d'ici” look.

Trying to keep up with Lithuanian heats makes me feel like Valdas Lacko in this week's third heat, so I don'.

And as for surprising results, how did “Safari” by Serena not make it through the second semifinal in Romania? It was the most contemporary by far and with a bit of polish on the stage show would easily have done well in Lisbon. Of course, it wouldn't be Eurovision on-season without a few shockers.


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