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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Ranking Part 6: One Name

Four out of these five performers all use mononyms. It's not too late for Slavko to go by just Slavko!

15. Greece
Demy - "This Is Love"
Reaction: This is a dance pop song, and it does it well. The pre-chorus is more captivating than the chorus, but the chorus should still bring a good party on stage. The only downside is the ending is a little too saccharine. I wish they'd kept the "rain falls from above" lyric, though.
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Rating: 4/5

14. Montenegro
Slavko Kalezic - "Space"
Reaction: This is right out of the Alcazar playbook, it's ridiculous and I love it. Every interview has said there's a deep meaning to the lyrics and the song is about love, but it's clearly about this. The lyrics really are something , and very dirty for Eurovision. This is the fun disco we need in these trying times.
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Rating: 4/5

13. Iceland
Svala - "Paper"
Reaction: Of course this electro song is cold, it's coming from Iceland! It has a catchy chorus, 80's-influenced synth sound, and bases the lyrics around a unique metaphor.
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Rating: 4/5

12. Israel
IMRI - "I Feel Alive"
Reaction: This song feels oddly stiff and guarded even though the lyric is about vulnerability. IMRI sings "I'm a bit fragile" but sounds like he's trying hard to appear stoic? Despite the contradictions, it's a fun party song with a little ethnic touch - exactly what you need in Eurovision.
Related Video: It counts because he was there too.
Rating: 4/5

11. France
Alma - "Requiem"
Reaction: This song, video, whole act is the epitome of "French girl cool," which is super hot right now. Like last year this song blends an internationally appealing sound, French verses, and an English chorus, hopefully for mass appeal. The English chorus is more awkwardly placed and doesn't feel as natural as last year, but it makes up for it in allure.
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Rating: 4/5


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