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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Ranking Part 5: Getting Messy

There's only 3 more of these left to do! It's hard to think and you can tell by the length of the reactions below, so happy Easter everyone.

20. Armenia
Artsvik - "Fly With Me"
Reaction: This is a very cool song with ethnic influences. It gets off to a slow start but this song is always dynamic and builds in intensity - a flight that goes some interesting places.
Related Video:
Rating: 3/5
19. Bulgaria
Kristian Kostov - "Beautiful Mess" 
Reaction: This is a fresh, modern ballad by a singer with a good voice. It doesn't connect with me as much as some other ballads but I can see it doing very well. The instrumentation in the chorus is especially emotional.
Related Video: This song is fire! I wish it was the entry! He's got a good career ahead of him.
Rating: 3/5

18. United Kingdom
Lucie Jones - "Never Give Up On You" 
Reaction: If this was the original version, a ballad with some simple piano instrumentation, it would have ranked a lot higher. It loses some of that theatricality in the move to a more atmospheric electronic instrumentation, but the beautiful melody still remains. This is by far the best UK entry since "I Can," and it might even be on par with that.
Related Video:
Rating: 3/5

17. Switzerland
Timebelle - "Apollo"
Reaction: This has one of the most instantly catchy choruses in the contest this year, if not the most. It sounds and is very Swedish. It's a little too sterile feeling to rank higher, but it shines more live so it should be better at the contest.
Related Video:
Rating: 3/5

16. Norway
JOWST - "Grab the Moment"
Reaction: This is my biggest grower of the season - on first listen I had it in my bottom 10 but it kept beating the competition. The chorus is catchy in an almost droning way, but in the way lots of popular songs don't have a real hook anymore. The lyrics are some of the best of the year and a tough nut to crack - I can't tell if it's about dealing with anxiety or drugs ("pocket full of prose," hmm, but maybe that last one is overthinking it).
Related Video:
Rating: 3/5


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