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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Eurovision 2017 Song Ranking Part 4: Return of the Memelords

The past eight days have seen three Eurovision preview concerts - it seems like there's more every year. All the fan news sites have interviews and previews that make you realize that the singer with a mediocre song actually has a fun personality, or the singer with the amazing song has no stage presence. As it gets closer to the live show, it's tempting to rethink one's personal ranking and compare with a projected final placing, but I think these are a solid set to round out my "final" and would probably place in the lower half of the scoreboard on May 13, if not barely miss out on appearing in the final.

25. Georgia
Tamara Gachechilazde - "Keep The Faith"
Reaction: It's been nine years since Georgia brought a peace song to the contest and I think this one is the better one. Like the previous one, it brings bitter pain and the hope for peace, except this time it's a power ballad. It's certainly the closest thing sonically to "Rise Like A Phoenix" in this year's contest.  
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Rating: 3/5

24. Hungary
Papai Joci - "Origo"
Reaction: It's always so good to hear "ethnic" dance songs in Eurovision, an annual peek into a culture whose music isn't in the typical international rotation. This song's chorus sounds like it would fit in a party anywhere in the world. It's especially nice to hear non-English rap, too.
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Rating: 3/5

23. Ireland
Brendan Murray - "Dying To Try"
Reaction: This kid has the voice of an angel (with an endearing Irish accent) and this ballad is the perfect venue to show it off. Itstarts off slow but is constantly changing, building intensity until its final choruses with a backing choir.
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Rating: 3/5

22. Serbia
Tijana Bogićević - "In Too Deep"
Reaction: This suffers from Hannah syndrome, named after Slovenia 2013. It's a slickly produced electronic pop song, and there's nothing really wrong with it, but there's also nothing really special and memorable about it - it's almost anonymous. It's pleasant to listen to for those three minutes but doesn't stick after.
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Rating: 3/5

21. Moldova
Sunstroke Project - "Hey Mamma"
Reaction: Moldova's music output is most known for two internet memes, one of which had one third perform later in Eurovision, and the other was this group's last appearance on the Eurovision stage. For all its popularity, it's unthinkable that "Run Away" finished in the bottom half of the scoreboard. It's a meme for a reason - that sax part is fire. Seven year's later, Sunstroke Project is still ready to party, no matter what your mom says, sax in hand although less epic. Their sound is more chill than last time, but that's how popular music has gone too.
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Rating: 3/5


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