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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Preselection Blog Week 3

Things are starting to pick up, but it's still very slow. Last year at this time we had the excellent Georgian final, but it's been a month since the first national final and no songs have been selected or revealed since.

In France, Sarah Caillibot had a lovely and again very French ballad in "Tu me manques". In Romania, Johnny Badulescu had a nice ballad in "Devoted". And in Hungary, Patikadomb had a peppy 00's throwback in “Jó szelet!”

Honestly the most exciting Eurovision competition appearance this year was the European Figure Skating Championships, with the appearance of 2014 favorite "Silent Storm"! How Norwegian, he should have gotten extra points for the song choice. And there was this ironic moment too.


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