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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Preselection Blog Week 5

Things have finally picked up in Eurovision land. There's finally a lot to talk about, with 4 finals in the past 7 days and a couple other heats and semifinals.

Spain's Alfred may be going to Lisbon as part of a duet but his solo song, "Que Nos Sigan Las Luces" was more my taste. In the Czech Republic, the right song was chosen, but "Fly" by Eva Burlesova was my 2nd, a crunchy slow jam. And my favorite in Switzerland was "Compass" by Alejandro Reyes, although it was a little more subdued live than anticipated.

Malta's final was not that bad! Every year there's low expectations but there were a few catchy numbers. "Dai Laga" by Aidan has been stuck in my head for the past few weeks, yes even after the redo. It's so infectious and catchy. My winner pick would have been "Song for Dad" By Richard & Joe. Some of the word choice is a little jarring for a native speaker but it feel so authentic and the familial love just shines through. I didn't like "Coming Home" in 2014 but this is way better. It's cheesy but in a real and honest way.

Apparently in Latvia one of the 15 eliminated songs in the semifinals will get a wildcard to the final. So for your Latvian consideration from semifinal 1, "You Are My World" by Agnese Stengrevics. Also consider bringing back the Riga Beaver who lights up our lives.

In Sweden's Melodifestivalen semifinal 1, my favorite was predictably "Solen lever kvar hos dig" by Kamferdrops. I like her Rina Tennoji decora 90s vintage candy streetwear look and her music just sounds like the soundtrack to a unicorn's party.

Hungary's Nova Project gets me nostalgic for mid-00s rock with "Vigyázó". In Romania, Carolina Gorun's song "Reach Out For The Stars" was nice but the title reminds me of the better "Reach Out To The Sky Someday". Maybe Romania can start entering songs about mobile suits for a twist.


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