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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Eurovision 2018 Song Ranking Part 6

15. Armenia
Sevak Khanagyan – "Qami"
There’s something so soothing about this ballad. The tinkling windchimes in the second chorus are a subtle gesture that adds to the “windy” feel. The final chorus is when things really start getting good, with powerful backing vocals taking it all home.

14. FYR Macedonia
Eye Cue - “Lost and Found”
Some other entries in recent years have been multiple distinct songs in one, but none do it as successfully as “Lost and Found.” The transitions between the reggae-tinged verses and poppy pre-choruses are seamless, and the buildup between the pre-choruses and choruses build until they explode into one of the biggest hooks of this contest.

13. Croatia
Franka - “Crazy”
Is anything more now than a sedate vocal over a manufactured beat? That beat got used multiple times for a reason. Franka's combination of sultry singing and spoken word are refreshingly cool. This does sexy R&B better than Latvia this year, especially with hypnotic moments like the bridge.

12. Denmark
Rasmussen - “Higher Ground” 
“Higher Ground” has the same songwriters as Timoteij’s “Kom” and has that same folky lilt. If you listen closely you can imagine those three/four blonde young women singing jauntily about peaceful Vikings. This is the closest we’ll get to filk in this year’s contest but it’s also an actual Melodifestivalen reject, meaning schlager in sound and definition. The melody also sounds like an epic action film score, but uses vivid imagery rejecting battle. Lines like “men laying down their swords/each of their own accord” are a nice complement to whatever the chorus of “Where I Am” meant. The manliest peace song you can think of.

11. Israel
Netta - "Toy"
As always this ranking is only personal preference of the recorded version on its own (and it was a tough call), but there's no denying that this song is already iconic. Netta is full of charisma and originality, and the song perfectly captures the zeitgeist. It's 2018 so let's throw out all the creeps. It's already all over the internet and everyone's Eurovision-casual friends love it, mine included. The song does all this while still sounding recognizably like an Israeli Eurovision song. It's the hot favorite and would be a great winner for multiple reasons. Some of the creative vocal sounds make it a little hard to listen to, but if it continues to connect with so many people it could be unstoppable.


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