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Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Only Ones

It's finally Eurovision week, and time for my top 5 songs in this year's contest. This year's top 5 was easy to form because these five really stood out from the pack. I have to give a disclaimer and say this is my personal opinion, and I don't even expect all of these songs to do well (a few are very unpopular with fans), but every song has to be someone's favorite in order for it to get points!

5. Croatia
Nina Kraljic - "Lighthouse"
Reaction: After a 2 year absence, Croatia returns with their best song since "Maria Magdalena." It's not quite a Balkan ballad but it has a very Croatian feel (must be the nautical elements). Nina has the voice of an angel and delivers the song with sadness and hope all in one.
Best Part: Last chorus
Rating: 5/5

4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
Deen & Dalal feat. Ana Rucner and Jala - "Ljubav je"
Reaction: A Balkan ballad is irresistible, and this is the best one this year. It stands out from the usual by being a duet, and it has a unique and effective twist in THE RAP PART YEAH I SAID IT to create some tension prior to the final chorus.
Best Part: Chorus
Rating: 5/5

3. Bulgaria
Poli Genova - "If Love Was A Crime"
Reaction: This song doesn't waste any time getting to the hook and doesn't stop. The fabulous dance pop is augmented by the "ethnic" touches of the flutes. The catchy melody is the perfect vehicle for the positive, easy to digest message. This is the best Bulgarian entry ever, by far.
Best Part: "Together we're untouchable/you and me against the world/together we're invincible"
Rating: 5/5

2. Russia
Sergey Lazarev - "You Are The Only One"
Reaction: Anyone who thinks this isn't winning or coming close is delusional. The biggest, catchiest, most Eurovisionest song of them all. This has been getting a lot of comparison's to "This Is Our Night" from 2009, but it's much more polished and put together, a complete package.
Best Part: Chorus
Rating: 5/5

1. Moldova
Lidia Isac - "Falling Stars"
Reaction: This kind of Europop is irresistible to me and why I keep following the Contest. It has a mid-00s Cascada feel (and is better than Cascada's own entry). There are other songs that are technically better or more unique than this one, but it has the best chorus and I have listened to this more than any other song by far. There's just something about the first lines of the chorus ("The sky is tumbling/it's coming down, coming down") that is just magical.
Best Part: Chorus
Rating: 5/5


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