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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Baby When I Hear Your May Day

Bad pun of the week in the title, and one week too late for the ranking too!

It's finally time for the top 10! I hope all these songs moving forward do well, would be happy with any of them as a win, and have decent expectations for this group. It's also probably a more respectable top 5 than my actual set.

10. Germany
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - “Ghost”
Reaction: Jamie-Lee's angelic voice makes this youthful ballad appropriately haunting. Somewhat off-topic: a lot of people find her fashion style off-putting, but I find it endearing.
Best Part: “Like a dragon to his gold/We're still holding on” 
Rating:  4/5

9. Serbia
ZAA Sanja Vucic - "Goodbye (Shelter)"
Reaction: It's a ballad from Serbia, but rather than a Balkan ballad it's a true diva ballad. The serious message and soulful voice give kind of a Christina Aguilera feel.
Best Part: Oh-oh-oh-oh bridge  
Rating:  4/5

8. France
Amir – "J'ai cherche"
Reaction: This wasn't an immediate favorite of mine, but it really stands up to and develops with multiple listenings. Upbeat and catchy, this is much different than the last time France had a fan favorite song – it's contemporary and charismatic.
Best Part: Pre-chorus Related Video:
Rating:  4/5

7. Ukraine
Jamala – "1944"
Reaction: A few years ago everyone loved Jamala's song “Smile” in the Ukranian preselection – this is a complete 180. A modern sound expressing a familial and national history, full of perseverence through pain and suffering. Jamala's voice is extremely expressive and cuts to the bone.
Best Part: “You think you are gods/but everyone dies”  
Rating:  4/5

6. Latvia
Justs - “Heartbeat”
Reaction: This cool synthpop song takes from “Love Injected” and expands on it. With a faster tempo, catchy melody, and passionate yet cold delivery, it's much more instant and accessible/
Best Part: The heart “beep” sounds  
Rating:  4/5


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